Char log kya kahenge ( what will the people say) gone for a toss..

Bhendi Roll. That’s how we roll.

Bhendi Bharwa ( Fry we called it )

This picture is pre prep of Bharwa Bhindi. This bhindi has a deep down connection to our childhood we have been eating this like twice a week and didn’t mind having it even everyday for sure. All cousins loved this rolled up in chapati and we would be happy kids eating this up like back to back.

In the auspicious month of Shravan our grandfather had started a Satyanarayan pooja at the end of Shravan inviting all friends and family now with time we kids came upto a age where we could turn demanding and our choices of food for the meals were taken into consideration, the funniest part was we all voted for this Bharwa Bhindi and Soyabean Biryani for Satyanarayan Pooja , as crazy we were so was our family the menu for Pooja was Soyabean Biryani with Raita and Bhindi Bharwa , Mix vegetable and Puris. Generally people see typical menu of Puri Potato Sabji with some simple curry and dal chawal.

People were scandalised seeing Soyabean biryani and Bharwa Bhindi for a Satyanarayan pooja but little did anyone knew our family and there upbringing of taking the girls too seriously, we all girls were raised as princess and then the menu always remained upto our choices forever.

Little did they care about char log kya kahenge. We also had kofta curries, weirdest menu possible.

Respect irrespective of age, gender etc is altogether a different game but keeping the children happy was always the motive. They knew it quite early that keeping char log happy is not as important than your own kids.

Missing good old days and the fun of Pola Pooja. Though nothing lasts forever but memories do. This day I take down as a privilege and responsibility to percolate this idea to at-least the next generation of ours.

The art of Freeing

Sufferings we all face, unintentional , uninvited , unannounced it comes little does it give us notice so we could save ourselves from the unsaid turmoil. We all have our own set of suffering behind all the masked plastic lives where lies suffering.

Some struggles are bigger some smaller some don’t even exist ,some emotional some physical , some draining some motivating some compelling to quit some to rage and some even too breakdown. If you ever try meditation the first thing that comes to mind is suffering and we try to seek an escape out of it , it never is a regret , a act of forgiveness or as simple as gratitude or even being thankful for simple things. If we had to visit temple in the current scenario the first thing we would seek would be to save us from this deadly disease or eradicate but hardly it would be few of us who would first go and thank and say that for keeping safe till the day or even thank for the breath you take.

This happened very recently where I was thinking of physical suffering is more painful or emotional. For eg: in my acquaintance I had someone who was hit with an unforeseen accident cox of someone, now if the person has a permanent deformity the most painful part for someone was seeing that person carry painkillers each day in the handbag, an apology regret guilt all emotional turmoil gets to its peak but the physical suffering shall survive forever. More ever that I feel the real suffering is being helplessness nothing more painful than that have you ever felt helpless for yourself ??

At times we know what’s wrong we know the exact suffering but we don’t want to give up for some reason and that helplessness for oneself kills forever.

It’s easy to stay angry at someone, not talk, ignore but the real brave-hearts are those who forgive and stand shoulder to shoulder again , because in reality people mess up , don’t let one mistake ruin that beautiful thing – relationships , passion anything it may be. Because life is short in the end it doesn’t really matter , we forget what caused pain who made us cry ,the only way to end the sufferings and to get free is to let go – forgive and not revenge , ignore and not agitate. After all, it doesn’t matter what we did in the first chapter of our life but the last chapter shows how well we ran the race. So smile , forgive – forgiving isn’t easy cannot be done over night it happens either 3 in the night or 5 in the morning, because it requires a non biased self less connect to understand channelise and release that one apology or words of love and kindness.

I m not sure many would agree to this but music helps you take that little action , to forgive seek forgiveness and an emotional low high at times, music has loads of co relations in each ones life, it helps cross many paths at a time , Also at the same time I will warn and alert be cautious of people who don’t even humm a simple rhythm once irrespective knowingly- unknowingly , very lately I know a person in my very close acquaintances who had not even hummed once since the time I have known that person ,this alerted me and I realised their life transactions aren’t clean , these hearts aren’t clean transparent filled either with misery , jealousy, negativity & self obsessed. I feel funny of myself to even tell that when I dream in my sleep each night there is a song playing in the background irrespective of seeing a flood , battling lizards, snakes or even getting stuck in washroom , the funniest part is even with sad incidences there are happy songs playing I would say I m blessed that ways 😇

To put this together forgive, forget, foresee , say fuck off where necessary n chill , may be this might not totally end a suffering but atleast made you do one of those F’s of the above. So Free yourselves.

Festivals and the festive jazz

Yes , it was so much fun when we were kids!! And had experienced one only as a kid being the youngest in the house.

I guess , In good old days festivals were a way for the stay home ladies to showcase their extra ordinary talent of cooking, serving and washing utensils ; yes yes yes and they were so much judged on that.

Times have changed now girls are educated as well are independent and things are beyond mere cooking , cleaning and raising offspring’s.

Women have become more independent and women are employed in office to give solutions to reduce the dilemma and efforts so its very obvious they also try to replicate the model at home by reducing efforts and making living worthwhile and stress free.

Not this is not accepted by the complicated old generation adding to the misery of girls spoiling there entire experience of marriage and relationships. This might just be a perspective or sheer misunderstanding. Whatever, it’s all about the purpose of festivals to spread love and joy gets transformed into misery and induced pain and fear.

Although this perspective will differ as the human transitions differ too. In the end all what matters is do what brings joy not pain.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Glad , you stopped by to come and explore on my page. Life lessons have always inspired me to write , I am not a content writer but I like to write when my heart feels like. Some are my experience some are shared as I strongly empathise.

On a quest to find the inner peace I discovered self care isn’t selfish, if it meant to save your own life. But all set on a journey to living and finding that carefree day once again. A carefree day is the day you enjoy being yourself and not to impress or make other happy but creating a happy little space for yourself and not concerned of the world outside.

All set on a journey come be a part and enjoy the pillion ride with me.